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The Realism

December 31st, 2015

The first trend was introduced with the romantic poem Cames, of Almeida Garrett, whereas the following one science was a on movement, established for Augustus Contro, positivista, and had as landmark the workmanship the Crime of the Priest I land on water, of Ea de Queirs. The first one of the romantic ideals is the cult of I; associated to the individualism the free expression appears of sensitivity, condimentados with the necessity of evasion and exotismo in the space and the time, formula with artistic translation in the taste for the medieval landscapes and the escape for unexplored spaces. It possesss as main characteristics the narrator in first person, idealizao to the loved being, critical indirect, subjetivismo, fancy, platonic love, separation, pessimism, searchs of the absolute one. The nationalist was divided in three generations, defenders of the nation due to the conflicts politicians, cultuavam the land and was also known as idianistas, melancholic and pessimistic byroniana, workmanships, and the libertarian, leaving the diving of the subjectivity, beginning of the preparation for the realism. The Realism in Portugal did not mean only one renewal of proper literature, in its forms of expression, represented an attempt to take off all the country of the vision romantic-Christian and to take it modernity, by means of new on ideas science and the philosophy. This movement, in contrast of the romantismo, possesss the distanciamento of the narrator, values what if it is, makes critical direct, is an epic and lyric mixture of, brings the objetividade in the workmanships, presenting images without fancies, emphasizing the cientificismo and the materialism. Frei Luis of Sousa was drama an inspired in the complicated tradition of one and painful lived marriage episode, in the end of century XVI, for Madalena de Vilhena, wife of D. Joo of Portugal, hidden, virtuous, Christian woman, that she was hindered to enjoy fully the happiness to be married with D.


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