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The Energy

November 16th, 2013

He regained happiness in an instant and after rinsing face to avoid that they discovered left room to talk with parents, who already looked anxious in the room of the House. Very strange that look like the recipe I’m going to give, is the only way to cure your daughter told them. Say whatever we will do so, replied the parents without leaving any doubt of that would really be. I’d like to give back to the small bed to conceal and provide one air scientist he explained something about the composition of the energy of the place, prescribed them special medicinal herbs and said goodbye to happy for the first time in a long time. But the story does not end there. The girl healed and lived for many years. The doctor returned to his home, hugged his children and to his lady as in many years I had not done it.

He enjoyed a dinner at family laughing and playing are his children and went to bed but not before embracing his family from a rare form in the. He woke up at dawn and empalidecio of horror when he saw death standing at the foot of his bed. He thought that it was his wife but he frightened even more when it began to speak to him. It was as if speak sighs frigid and choppy. Today I have come for you told her.

Why, if I am perfectly health? He replied. Fuiste vos who decided and her heart almost stopped when I heard his own voice repeating what countless occasions had told the relatives of many victims that He had attended. . I am not God to twist that finally the Lord had prepared. Perplexed and without saying a word was left petrified, thinking. I knew there was no turning back and to some extent reassured him.


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