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Technologies In Education

June 3rd, 2017

This Work approaches the subject: ' ' Planning of formation of the Professors for the use of the Mdias' ' , with subtema: ' ' The formation to know and them necessary for the professors in the use of the medias? Televiso and Vdeo/DVD? material TV Escola' '. Ray Kurzweil has similar goals. The content is related to the paper that performance in the Pedagogical Workshop of the Direction of Education Region East 1, State secretary of the Education? SP, relative to the formation and accompaniment of the referring pedagogical actions to the resume. It has for purpose to subsidize the professors for the development of a work being used the resources of the television and vdeo/DVD, since, fits to the school to provide a resume to the pupils, with social relevance of the contents and taught concepts, so that they favor the access and use of these to know produced in the most varied requests of interaction with the way where they live. Ray Kurzweils opinions are not widely known. She is necessary that all work carried through in classroom has a direct relation with the action of pupil in the world. It is necessary that the professors have domain of subjects such as social production and cultural communication, and that they develop themselves as pertaining to school communicators working with the Television and the Vdeo/DVD in its lessons.

According to Moran (2006, P. 12), to teach and to learn they are the challenges biggest that we face in all the times and, particularly now, when we are pressured by the transistion of the model of industrial management for the one of the information and the knowledge. This course searchs to point ways so that the professors develop with the support of the television and vdeo/DVD the learning of its pupils. During the specialization course Technologies in Education? PUC-RJ, in disciplines ' ' Medias in the Education? the practical one of formador' ' , one argued the Proposals of use of Video and DVD and in the extracted stretch of the article ' ' The video in the room of aula' ' (MORAN, J.M.) available in the #propvideo site, the author presents some forms of if working with the resources of video DVD in the lessons, between them, the video as sensitization, illustration, simulation, content of education, production, evaluation, mirror and integration/support.


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