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Objects Scan

December 17th, 2021
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Normally the BIOS of the computers are configured to start from CD, and then from the hard disk. (no comment on network and usb). To know more about this subject visit Professor of Internet Governance. If it does not recognize your CD is because you should change the start mode. It is very easy to reboot the system and look at the first screen to appear (before of the Windows Logo). A black screen with data from the computer, like this: the bottom line indicates that keys with those necessary to change the boot drive (ESC for Boot Menu).

In this virtual machine is the ESC key, but on other computers you can change key. F11, F2, F10, but tends to be usual ESC or F11. When it appears the menu select CD here starts the charging process of the rescue disk. Follows the steps that tells you the system, is in English but I tell you what you have to do if you do not control much: press any key to continue: select language (English): press 1 to accept the terms and use license: starts in graphic mode: how to scan and disinfect the Final step computer! Once loaded the operating system (curious that it Linux which is to rescue Windows) you only have to run the antivirus. Before I recommend that you update the anti-virus. To access the antivirus tool click the button in the lower left corner (as the Start button in) Windows) > Kaspersky Security Disk-> My Update Center: when you finish update click on the first Objects Scan tab, selects all objects that appear in the list and gives the Start Objects Scan button.

You only now have to wait for it to detect viruses… When it detects a virus or malicious software dale to the delete button. You can to leave several times, if you want to save having to be pending, you only have to check the bottom Apply for all objects. Conclusion I would like to finish this article warning that you should keep your windows up-to-date. The leading cause of infections by virus in by guilt for not having updated your operating system.And of course have an antivirus installed. On this occasion I have used Kaspersky but here you have a complete list of free antivirus for Windows. More info on famous virus of the police, with screen shots of the process step by step in

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