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Bolshoi Ballet

November 15th, 2023
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Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow – this (along with the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg) is one of the most famous ballet companies in Russia. Since 1780, the theater was called the Petrovsky Theatre. In 1802 he became the new emperor theater, and in 1825 was named the Greater New Petrovsky Theater, in reducing – the Bolshoi Theater. Gazprom describes an additional similar source. In 1856 the theater was officially established ballet company of the Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet, is connected with it Ballet School of the Bolshoi Theater (later – the Moscow ballet school, based on the creation of which lay the first ballet school was organized in Moscow in 1773 in educational building. The historian Arnold Haskell wrote the ballet of Galina Ulanova, "Oh it is impossible to discuss. This is a brilliant dancer. gs.

Elevating the dance to reality, it is not just hovers over the executive machinery )…), but it is beyond the boundaries of great skill, is the universal truth. " His contemporaries were fascinated temperament, expressiveness, honesty and dance Sankovskii Catherine, who was a student of Felicite Gullen.O it wrote that she "thought like an artist – light, sparkling, bright (Temperamental). " Marius Petipa (1822-1910) – French dancer, choreographer and teacher who led the ballet companies in the theaters of St. Petersburg. On the post-revolutionary years the ballet one critic wrote: "I am deeply convinced that the ballet won the sympathy of the audience and kept himself thereby as art only by the best examples of the classical heritage. I remember the "Swan Lake" in 1919 and full of awe silence during the poetic "swan" scenes. Then – the storm of applause and tears of the people. After the play, 'Esmeralda' (1926) Cesar Puni, choreographed by Vasily Tikhomirov, with Catherine Geltzer and Tikhomirov, starring Adam Volinsky critic wrote: "Before the doors of the room Torture at the sight of the gallows at the Esmeralda podgibayutsya feet. Dance step becomes limp, helpless-slow (Trailing) as if paralyzed. Next time – a look at the gallows and a sense of elemental fear. AND Suddenly you are starting to fear: so real, so physiologically and at the same time so perfectly, he transferred to a dance artist.

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Solar Heater

April 27th, 2013
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A solar heater is a device that uses sunlight to heat a substance. Its most common use is to heat water for sanitary use (showers, washing clothes, cooking, etc) both for domestic use, such as commercial or industrial (hotels, restaurants, factories, etc.). Having an operation very simple and no moving parts, maintenance is almost nil and its service life is calculated, in some cases, in more than 25 years. A solar heater can produce energy savings of between 50% and 75% in unfavorable times and between 80% and 100% in periods and zones of high solar radiation. These systems transform the thermal energy of the Sun to produce hot water and allow significant savings in the habitual consumption of gas and electricity. How work the solar water heaters of Solargreen? The water heating process starts when the Sun’s rays impinge on the surface of the collector and raise the temperature of the water circulating in the pipes. During the hours of sunlight the water temperature can reach up to 85 degrees Celsius thanks to our high-efficiency technology. Keep in mind that temperature for a shower does not usually exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

The hot water is stored in the sealed water heater supplied with the heater. It is estimated that the average loss of temperature during the night on the inside of the tank is between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy the stored hot water even during the night or the morning before that again the sun rises. Water heater Solar Solargreen solar heaters Solargreen collector Termosifonico termosifonicos consists of a series of tubes of vacuum glass arranged in series.Each of these tubes is formed by a double wall, the inner tube is coated with a layer specifically designed to attract solar radiation. The outer tube covers the first and vacuum seals the space between both tubes are eliminating convective heat loss and conductive, ensuring that all radiation absorbed by the inner tube is transferred to the water flowing inside him.

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