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Three Units

January 7th, 2013
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In this way, the dramatical text, by means of its content, converges it to be character of I join, for its unicity, called Unit of Action, that all drama must possess and that it has narrow relation with the dramatical action, another basic element to the dramatical sort. The dramatical action, in turn, is the dynamic way covered by the protagonist of the part to reach what it desires to get (its objective), surpassing obstacles, passing over conflicts? external interns and? strengtheing itself it the maximum to find what it desires. The dramatical action also needs unit? e, in this point, currently already understands that the famous Law of the Three Units of Aristotle (how much to the time, the place and the action) can be ' ' atualizada' ' in order to contemplate only the action. Thus being, the unit of the action if finds in the accomplishment of an end determined by means of the occurrence of a set of conflicts, that will cease only to the end of the drama. Concerning the dramatical action and of the conflict, dramaturga develops one entire chapter to deal with on these two elements the dramaturgia, dissecando them in its main points, conceptualizations and theories. Pallottini discourses concerning the concept of dramatical action weaveeed by Aristotle in its Poetical one, affirming that it is the result of the imitation of the actions human beings? not of the human beings in itself, but of its action? must be complete, that is, to possess start, way and end and certain ideal largeness. Hegel, in turn, points that the dramatical poetry is born of the necessity human being to see the action represented by means of a conflict of circumstances, any that are they, who walk until the end of the drama. Soon, it is from the agreement of Hegel that if places the question of the conflict as essential element to the walked one of the dramatical action.