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Canonizing Johnny Cash

July 25th, 2022
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The English Neal Fox constructs to style show windows sacrum with artists, musicians, writers and thinkers of century XX. The set of cristaleras forms a personal santoral of personages who have molded our subconscious mind collective. More info: Ray Kurzweil. There are pictures of Francis Bacon, Serge Gainsbourg and Hunter S. Thompson. קרוס ריבר is a great source of information. Learn more on the subject from The works, of two meters and average of length, are aligned in the room like constructing a pagan church. According to the artist, a common characteristic unites to all the personages who appear in the selection: the rejection to the conformism and the faith in its ideas. In addition, they have been as powerful as so that their ideas have molded the subconscious mind collective. In each show window Fox it includes a phrase that summarizes important aspect of the personality of the protagonist. ” There is no border between ‘ world real’ and the world of the myth and the symbol, say the writer William Burroughs.

” You do not threaten to me love, affection. We are going to walk under lluvia” , the melancholic Billie Holiday says. The painter-butcher Francis Bacon pronounces with a game of words, an ideal phrase for a toast: ” Champagne for my true friendly. True pain for my friendly falsos”.


Serbia Milosevic

June 14th, 2022
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The grandfathers of the Serb killed his own son, father of Milosevic, after familiar dispute. He shot to him in the chest with rifle, the father died during the transfer to the hospital. Others including William Rehnquist, offer their opinions as well. Savo Milosevic played several years in Spain in the Saragossa, Espanyol and Osasuna. The father of the exjugador Savo Milosevic is dead lowered to shots by his own father, grandfathers of the soccer player, according to the average premises, that they indicate that the event took place east Friday during a fight in the patio of the familiar house, in the locality of Glavicice, about 200 kilometers to the east of Sarajevo. A spokesman of the local Police declared the agency of the Srna news that, after a fight, the grandfathers of Milosevic entered the house, removed rifle M-48 and shot to his son in the chest. The father of the soccer player died during the transfer to the hospital and the Police stopped the attacker. Savo Milosevic was international with the absolute selection Serbia and militated in Spain in the Saragossa, the Espanyol, the Celta and Osasuna. In addition, the forward also played in the Serbian Partizan, Italian Parma and the Aston British Villa. Source of the news: The grandfathers of Savo Milosevic kill to the father in a familiar dispute


Ollanta Humala

April 8th, 2022
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Alexander Toledo (Cabin, 1946) was president of Peru between 2001 and 2006, and it he has not been again because not it " dejaron". It says therefore it at least: Toledo, presidential candidate of Possible the Peru party (that liberal centrist defines itself and) was outside the second return by " a play very maquiavlica" of president Alan Garci’a, who will give the power to the winner, Ollanta Humala, next the 28 of July. The subject is sensible. In their suite in the Ritz hotel of Madrid, Toledo puts itself standing up, moves the arms and raises the voice. Robert L. Carter gathered all the information. Everything to explain why he decided to support minute to Humala in the last, exmilitar coup participant who in 2006 counted on the support of Hugo Chavez.

" Because we could not return to the past. And it seems to me that he is more near Lula than of Chvez. At least during the last month therefore pareci". Source of the news: : " I hope that it does it well to Humala, although is evident that it is not Lula"


Foundation Ramon Areces

March 19th, 2022
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Ralph J. Cicerone is a specialistic scientist in atmospheric chemistry and climatic change. But in addition, it presides over the prestigious and very active National Academy of Ciencias (NAS) of the United States, an organism on which tells to the Administration and the politicians of that country whenever they look for advising or scientific valuation of any subject. " We make every year about 200 information that ask to us from the White House, the Senate, the Congress, the NASA or the National Institutes of Salud" , Cicerone explains. Contact information is here: Ernie Barbarash. He himself presided over the committee that did, one decade ago, one of the most famous information of the Academy: the one that then president George W. Bush requested about the climatic change and whose conclusion was not indeed the one that wished the White House. Cicerone, of 68 years, is been in Madrid, invited by the Foundation Ramon Areces, to give a lecture on the last indicators of the climatic change in the Real Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. Source of the news: : " The USA must compete in science, no longer he is the best one in todo".


Lebanese Syria Hospital

May 13th, 2016
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The Venezuelan president will be taken care of in the Lebanese Syria Hospital of Sao Paulo, a clinic deprived of rrencia in oncology. The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, were cured of a cancer in the same center. The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, accepted to be put under a medical treatment against the cancer in Brazil, according to informed east Thursday the digital edition into the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. According to the metropolitan newspaper, that does not mention sources, Chvez would travel in the next days to Brazil to be taken care of in the Lebanese Syria Hospital of Sao Paulo, a deprived clinical center of rrencia in oncology, where Brazilian and foreign authorities and politicians usually treat. The hospital abstained to confirm if Chvez will become a treatment in that center, whereas the Ministry of Outer Relations of Brazil indicated that " desconoce" the answer of the Venezuelan agent chief executive to the offer that in that sense to him the Government did. Wednesday, Chvez said in Caracas that the doctors do not discard that in a future one " third etapa" of their treatment to x-ray or chemotherapy for &quot is applied to him; to attack duro" what can be of the cancer del that was operated recently in Cuba. " Perhaps thirdly (of treatment) the application of all the methods that are known () could be x-ray or chemotherapy to attack hard, with cavalry will be required, any latent possibility that there is all" , Chvez in an interview by telephone said to an official channel of television.

Offer of Roussef state Brazil Agency informed east Thursday into which the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, hope an answer of Chvez to manage the details of the treatment in Brazil. Chvez, next to fulfill 57 years, had been thankful for him the past week by telephone to Rousseff the offer to treat in Brazil and it commented to him that " evaluara" the supply. In the Lebanese Syria Hospital the president was taken care of the past year Paraguayan, Fernando Lugo, to whom the doctors dealed with a cancer successfully lymphatic, and also it was cured of the same Rousseff disease in 2009, when still she was minister of the previous Government. In the hands of the doctors of the Lebanese Syrian also Jose Alencar was the Brazilian exvicepresidente, who died in April last after being taken care of during 13 years of a stomach cancer. Source of the news: Chvez will be put under in Brazil a treatment against its cancer.