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Reaffirming Money

April 1st, 2023
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How to use law of attraction to attract money?. No doubt this is one of the most frequent questions of people, how to say?, how to apply the law of attraction to attract more money or material things, a car, a comfortable house. Etc. But I have also read many comments about the fact that that sounds too materialistic, because our mind was educated with this belief, that divine high, higher and spiritual is not commensurate with the money or material goods and in fact this is one of the largest limiting factors that exist to manifest abundance and richness of our lives. An of the criticism more strong that he received the secret film, is this very focused on the material, but the important thing is lead a balanced life, I agree that we are spiritual beings, but also we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life, therefore we have desires and physical needs that can not deny it. The ideal is to live balanced in all aspects of our both intellectual life, emotionally and spiritually. It is idea of spiritual equates to poverty, generated a lack mentality that includes all aspects of your life, but on this occasion I shall discuss the money specifically. Surely if you analizases a little your actions, your environment, your thoughts and emotions are connected and in tune with that.

News that continue Reaffirming that mentality, you see your talks will be filled complaints, concerns are focused on the scarcity in face than this life, in how difficult this situation, you complain of rose transport, that unfair is the Government. And quite possibly have ideas such as: money doesn’t grow on trees, do you think that I am a Bank?, the rich are bad and unfair and a without number of phrases that will surely come to your mind Recalling that told us since we were kids. This isn’t you reproches you or you feel badly, I emphasize this, so that you are aware of what are the limits that lead us to have that mentality of poverty, is possibly normal take years listening and reaffirming that in your mind. Best of all is that at this very moment you can choose to modify those beliefs by changing your thoughts, surrounding you with positive things, persons who speak positively of money for example: you could think of someone who has money and is noble and generous, if you have implanted in your mind the belief that all the rich are evil and greedy. Would also appropriate that you don’t see as many news, leave complaining of the unfair thing that is life and stop being victims of circumstances, and we begin to be aware of what! you think believe it! and you can take a look the reins of your life and you know that you are the sole creator of your experience your. Be a conscious creator!. If you keep the focus on abundance, percibiras things that before not you saw in people who have money and are plentiful, you will see opportunities where there them before, new ideas of how to generate more money etc.

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