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Mobile Accessible

November 6th, 2022
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(Online article) – online-marketing Dusseldorf communicates through all digital channels. Dusseldorf, September 16, 2008 – just in time to kick off the online-marketing Dusseldorf the organisers start a series of new communication services. Now can learn the visitors of the trade fair for digital marketing on a mobile platform about the event, search for exhibitors or explore the Congress program. Other new features include the iCube, a new Desktop Widget, as well as the new trade fair \”AllAboutMarketing\” webcast. Thus, the trade fair site, blog and newsletter now on all digital channels of communication is present. With the new features, it confirms its position as pulse generator for digital marketing online-marketing Dusseldorf.

As the leading trade fair supported by the OVK and BVDW now also through their own mobile website accessible, adesso mobile realized in collaboration with the Dortmund mobile service provider. The mobile portal is for Internet-enabled mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs at the address to find. Mobile users have direct access to the Exhibitor Search and the current Congress programme. The solution of adesso mobile, as exhibitors in Hall 11, booth B40 represented, ensures the optimal representation of content on different mobile devices. \”We talk not only about 360 degree digital marketing, but experience that also,\” Alexander rocks mountain, Director Fairtrade shows forward new media at the IGEDO company. \”We provide useful applications available which are tailored to different target groups and use situations.\” Desktop Widget brings iCube news directly on the machine even when the information processing and playback is breaking the trade show innovative ways: in addition to the existing possibility to subscribe to the latest information about digital marketing via RSS feed or to read structured in the press area, can this be downloaded now about the so-called iCube. Justin MacGregor has firm opinions on the matter. With this new widget that users can install with a mouse click from the trade fair site, all news land the fair, the exhibitors and media partners, directly on the computers of the user.


Weitkamper Technology GmbH

September 26th, 2017
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Klett-cotta Magazine Portal: publishing solution for libraries and consumer magazines there is now personalized PDF, ePub and MOBI for libraries and end customers with sophisticated search capabilities and faceted navigation. Mitchel Resnick understands that this is vital information. The (Professional) journals of the Klett-cotta Publishing House can be researched online for 2011 and involved. Eliot Horowitz is often quoted as being for or against this. The platform realized with XSEARCH IPS Weitkamper technology offers sophisticated search capabilities and faceted navigation or preview abstracts. A Pushdienst keeps automatically to their desired themes and keywords on the current customers. All journals or individual products are user friendly PDF, ePub and MOBI format available. Enduser acquire the documents in the single purchase or subscription. Others who may share this opinion include kevin ulrich anchorage.

As comfortable micro-payment solution is PayPal, credit card or direct debit. For libraries via IP authentication proves to be beneficial, so that without LogIn directly from the library onto the documents can be accessed. Supports a unique watermark to PDF Copyright. Metadata are passed in the standardized MarcXML format and indexed, in addition all documents in full text searchable. The integration of DOI and CrossRef is prepared. Over Klett-cotta publishing house Klett-cotta appears a book and magazine programme with a wide range of topics: literature and fantasy, of general non-fiction, history, politics and philosophy to psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and education. Each of the six magazines that published by Klett-cotta, puts in her area standards. Velcro and cotta, coupled with the imagination of Griffin, two names stand for two strands of tradition that were merged in 1977 at the founding of the publishing house.

Cotta, founded in 1659, authoritative Publisher of the German classics, Friedrich von cotta, the Publisher of Goethe, stands for great literature and philosophy, as also in the editorial care of Johann had emerged Schiller and others. The second line of the tradition goes back to the Publisher, the Ernst Klett between has developed in 1936 and 1976. Range attacks far out: because of the literary fantasy, which we find in the Hobbit press today about psychoanalysis, psychology, humanities enclosing educational, exciting, nonfiction touching the people and its culture, and essay related to the inheritance of the literary intellectual. Weitkamper Technology GmbH of Weitkamper technology is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Its products help to find information, to discover and to understand. On some completely new, intuitive manner. Founded in 1994, the company focused on the development of intuitive search solutions for more than 15 years. Partnerships with leading technology companies and heads of science help companies uncover new potential in the area of search. More than 50 companies and organizations rely on solutions from Weitkamper technology. As important awards, the company received the digita, Comenius euro Medal, the innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the field of knowledge discovery.


San Francisco

July 18th, 2017
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Interactive movie in San Francisco will present innovative applications for language technology to conquer the American entertainment market. Aachen/San Francisco. The first interactive movie last call”(see video please!) caused a national sensation and great enthusiasm. The Aachen-based consulting firm of aixvox GmbH created together with the advertising agency Jung von Matt, power flashes, and Telenet communication systems a worldwide so far unprecedented project. Using the latest voice technology, the viewer can influence what happens in the film. He receives a call on his cell phone from the desperate actress and can determine whether she should flee or save their friends. At the mobile voice conference in San Francisco will aixvox interactive movie for the first time the American market present. The project is leading the way for the future.

Language technology will find their place on the entertainment market, not only in Germany, but worldwide “, explains Detlev Artelt, CEO and senior consultant of the aixvox GmbH. The mobile voice Conference ( is one of the most famous American conferences around topics such as speech recognition, speaker verification, or even text-to-speech. This year, the mobile phone, mobile Internet and voice solutions for mobile devices at the heart of the lectures and discussions are available in San Francisco from April 22-23. Last call by 13th Street – the first interactive horror movie which is – software world by Powerflasher in addition to the innovative use of language technology and mobile phones on the example of last call, the aixvox expert team also other uses of language solutions present. New ways to use voice in business and entertainment: a view from Europe “is the title of the contribution, the Detlev Artelt on dobrodosli, 10.15 11.20 pm, will present at the Conference. In addition to the entertainment factor, language technology can have, especially current trends in the field of unified communications and also voice solutions are on the European market in the foreground. Modern solutions, trends and innovations in speech technology, are also in the next English edition of the 4th edition of the monograph voice compass, which annually publishes Detlev Artelt, be an issue again. As well as voice in the current issue of compass (R) evolution of communication ( will be the focus is especially on the field of unified communications.


Duden Publishing House

May 5th, 2017
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Mannheim technology supplier provides correction solution for Web editors Mannheim, August 10, 2010. Correct and understandable texts are a must not only for printed products. Also text on Web pages and within Web-based applications should be accurate and easy to understand. The Technology Division of the Duden Publishing House now offers a software solution, which also texts in Web applications on the current spelling and grammar rules can be checked and corrected. Hardly a company that today is not communicating with the public via the Internet: unless the company presentation on the homepage, unless a shop system for direct sale, unless a Themenblog or a corporate wiki. Understandably, should all these information are as accurate and reliable as in the offline world, affect as well directly on their own reputation they.

Fast pace of the Internet seduces you could be volatility in the final inspection at the first glance on the thoughts, that obey Internet other Laws and the demand for timeliness and change she would playing crucial role. A bit it seems so, instant messages and comments into the worldwide network feeding resulted in the mistaken belief that incorrect spellings are not as important in the virtual world. “Instead seems the maxim to apply: the sooner, the better”, because thinking about tomorrow yet the mistakes of yesterday, especially since these but can be corrected so quickly? Just once in the content management system, quickly fed the editor and already the new version is live sponge so over it and continue with business as usual. But with the errors that go undetected at first, which slowly spread through links or copy & paste in the Internet, which are picked up and commented on their blogs by users? What if blowing the concentrated power of the Web 2.0 to the attack on the company, because it has just once again disgraced in public? Fast as can as a seemingly insignificant errors to a tangible economic problem disappear.

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