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State Energy

April 15th, 2016
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The total is prevailing lack of transparency on the progress of the negotiations to achieve a political agreement in the energy sector, the opposite of what would be necessary to consolidate one of the sectors that can more promote a sustainable economy in this country. It was a big mistake to establish that the sessions of the Subcommittee on energy, in the Congress of Deputies, were behind closed doors. What sense does the appearance of more than sixty representatives of the energy sector behind closed doors? Someday we substantiate our members what they can know and citizens, not. In related persons convened since the Sub-Commission. If as is not indicated, since some media, negotiations for a possible Pact are based on the conclusions of the Subcommittee cited document, bad going down the path of transparency. A tremendous contradiction, between the more transparent organ of the State, the Congress and the present Energy Sector there are such Subcommittee. Which one It is the secret? Sometimes the dumbest has the answer, in this case we can find, to a total lack of knowledge of the sector by the rapporteurs, as thus they attest to their resumes.

EU warns of the need to inform citizens of the cost they endure by aid to renewable energies. Demonstrating the need for transparency and especially when it has a direct impact on consumers. Another example of the consequences of lack of transparency, is the so-called tariff deficit, the worst scourge of our electricity system, with repercussions for years throughout the economy. Electric power-producing renewable energy, are winning technologies, its strategic alliance with the environment gives them the strength necessary to achieve this, as well as the inverter support, its major asset is the defense of transparency, it may get to be an agent of full-fledged and equal to the consolidated financial statements in the sector.

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