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Job Satisfaction

January 20th, 2017
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Job dissatisfaction is a driving force for those seeking employment elsewhere. When evaluating your employment it is important to distinguish between the work you do and your workplace. Do you find purpose in your work? Are you driven by passion or necessity? All work has purpose. All work has value. You’re the best person to assess the value of their work.

The value of their work depends on whether their needs are being met. Are you passionate about your work? You may be working in their chosen profession, even with a company you’ve always wanted to work, and you can still experience moments of job dissatisfaction. a Those are some of the areas to consider in evaluating their work and work environment. How much autonomy do you have when its job? Each has a different comfort level when their independence when working. It is important that you be aware of their need for autonomy or the degree of management you prefer.

Do you have the opportunity to improve your community? If your workplace is not currently participating in the community may be the architect of a new program that allows you and your colleagues in support of outside organizations. Community involvement will increase their satisfaction with the perceived value of their work and have worked in the organization Does your work provide social contact and help you maintain or increase their social skills? If the work you do not require enough interaction that then maybe you can look at their place of work for other opportunities to socialize. Participate in organizations at home will provide a social outlet, which can help develop a sense of belonging within the company and can be very useful with networking. Do you work your challenge? Maintain current capabilities and develop new ways of using them can help keep your sense of satisfaction. The development of new skills not only build your self-esteem, but that can improve their ability to contribute to the company where you work, and increase their opportunities for advancement. Compensation in terms of monetary rewards is perhaps the easiest of the criteria that you can look at when determining the value of their work. Since we live in a commercial company, with our basic needs met is a common measure of the value of our work. What takes into account the need is for you. Our personal identity are often intertwined with employment options do. If you feel dissatisfied with their employment options, it is important to remember that you have purpose and that have a value beyond measure.