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Havana Cadiz

July 17th, 2023
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Toni Zenet returns one year as safe bet to the summer musical programming.The Baluarte de Candelaria wears music this summer on this occasion, in the cycle of concerts in the stronghold of la Candelaria, very close to the hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the closest to the beach hotels in Cadiz, it is organized by the municipal delegation of the culture of the city of Cadiz capital. Zenet arriving in Cadiz on July 30 to present their latest work, all the streets. They also act in this cycle of Aterciopelados and La rogue and Javier Ruibal Colombian rocker. Thus, they will be The Skatalites Jamaicans who opened the package of concerts on July 23, in one of the four performances that will be offered this summer in Spanish soil. For its part, on every street, Toni Zenet offers ten sound peliculitas through the streets of Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires, New York or Havana. Aterciopelados on August 5 they constitute the most emblematic band of Colombian rock, with themes ethnic, anti-war commitment and for the rights of women. For its part, the scoundrel and Javier Ruibal will configure a map of songs through the musical and literary geography of the portuense author. From this corporate BLOG keep you informed about these summer concerts..

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