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Promotional Marketing

November 11th, 2012
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A Looreal promoter offered me Elvive shampoo (safe for the name was homage to Che Guevara). I took him to touch without noticing if it was for oily hair, dry, weak, damaged or stained. Like any result at least gives me and all I keep falling hair to fool. To end this torture I went through the cleaning section where I was tempted to buy that sponge lustrazapatos so practical and easy to apply, but the reason I stopped. In the last two years I have acquired tens of sponges, and I do not know what is and what is not.

Unable to check, do not throw any of the doubts and until I find the proper shoe twenty minutes late for a bit of brightness Luckily there was toothpaste on the tip of a gondola. The last one I had not had Where more than squeeze and the children’s bathroom was dried for several months always crowded in the middle and nobody cares about cover it. My older kids, instead of collaborating going to buy even a doorknob, brushing teeth prefer stealing from me. As I do not accept free to advertise any brand of toothpaste from this page, just clarify that I took the red box, giving the order that I hang up. I’m leaving, bye does not take it anymore. Arriving at the checked boxes that continues past the time and nothing changed or will change more.

I tried to send in hock for quick cash, which is still the slowest of all, every four customers the cashier was wrong five times and is always waiting for the elusive magic card with your supervisor to amend those mistakes children two ladies a glance standing behind took the trouble to count the items at full speed in my car to denounce and take off as a rival. The only box was that few people gave priority to the mom, where a girl in a miniskirt with collagen in the lips, approximate measures 110 – 60-90 and pronounced cleavage than bore all the earmarks of carrying a pregnancy of more than two hours. Before paying I went to buy a razor to hide in my bedside table. The sight that left me dull the women of the household (wife, daughter, and to suspect the employee) I was happier and wallet in hand, taking the last can of peas, when I ate again the cry of a Precioa , so I wait with resignation the cadet coming in slow motion. He carried the can brought the money .