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October 9th, 2013
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The biggest injustice that a human being committed against himself is the tolerance against his own ignorance, Flora Rocha. There are only two ways to live your life:-one is as though nothing is a miracle-the other is as if everything was. Albert Einstein not is no doubt that we are energy, that while this active assures us that we are alive, a power that we need to know the use in order to seize the opportunity of life that is given to stay in this dimension. He has been written, that power goes from food to our body, to develop various functions using transformations of energy. Take, for example, a loaf of bread. The bread is made of wheat, which has basically carbohydrates, or stored chemical energy. When you eat bread, our body takes that energy.

You can then, stored, or used immediately for moving, to maintain the temperature, to operate the nervous system. Thus, the body transforms chemical energy in food into energy mechanics (movement), thermal energy (heat) and electricity (transmission of nerve impulses). It should not surprise us, therefore, as Flora Rocha says in, it is very important to recognize the power that we have in our physical body and the spiritual, even though we don’t see it, trying to perceive it is when we start to activate it on our being. At that time they begin to activate all our senses, the mind, the heart. It is an awakening, and even begins to have more power, to feel better in all aspects, to feel more, to hear better, see better. It is a very big change. He says, it is also important that we know, we all have a power Center where we generally receive energy, emotions, sensations and feelings, and is the so-called solar plexus. Physical level can be positioned in our physical body, but in our astral body in reality what we have is a large sphere that is receiving power.

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