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Brain Lens

May 29th, 2017
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The pupil is normally shifted slightly inwards and downwards. It tightly adherent to the lens, slide freely on the surface when you change your width. The opposite edge of the iris is called the root – this land is covered with a translucent iris limb and direct examination is not available. Tentatively, we may assume that the projection of the iris root is 1.5-1.75 mm limb. Behind the iris is the lens.

The lens is a biconvex lens with a refractive power in the resting state 20 diopters. In the state of accommodation of the lens can increase the refractive power of 30 diopters. The main functions of the lens – it's transparency, the absorption of ultraviolet rays, and the ability to accommodate, ie to change its refractive power to focus the rays on the retina with long-range and short range. – ciliary body – is a closed ring, covering the entire circumference of the eye. Width of the ring is about 6-7 mm.

The main functions of the ciliary body – this change in pupil size and intraocular production fluid. -Choroid – a large part of the choroid, has its rear section. The main function of choroid – delivery and continuous replenishment of decreasing products of photochemical processes in the retina. – Retina (Retina) – is the main svetovosprinimayuschim svetotransformiruyuschim department and eyes. The retina consists of 10 layers. It is focused on the retina of rays passing through the cornea, lens, vitreous body and are converted into nerve impulses that then go to pathways in the brain. In the brain (the occipital cortex), these pulses are decoded in an image perceived by us; auxiliary apparatus of the eye are: – lacrimal organs (lacrimal gland, lachrymal path) – forever – conjunctiva – the eye muscles (2 oblique, 4 straight, 1 pie) engaged in the movement of the eyeball in the orbit. Thus, the human eye – is a unique high-grade device by which light energy is perceived, transformed, and eventually we'll see! All about vision and eyes!

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