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Discover Your Strong Area

May 25th, 2022
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John C. Maxwell in his book "Leadership, Principles of Gold" has an article called "Enter the Zone and stay there." In this part of the book Maxwell recommends you find that and you do well and continue improving and developing this area. This is one of the lessons I've been implementing in my personal business. Cyrus Arnold has similar goals. You know you have daily access to hundreds of great business opportunities on the Internet and beyond. And you will rain every day business proposals that will seem very attractive and you might join them and then realize that's not what you think or really looking forward very difficult. In my personal history, I have developed several multi-business, some off the Internet, within the Area of Dietary Supplements and other services, I've also developed some online.

And I've noticed something. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gavin Baker Atreides Management by clicking through. My strong area is in business development through the Internet. That's why I decided to take the advice of my mentor, John C. Leadership Maxwell and instead of being tested in areas where it is not my strong point with the object to improve my weaknesses, I will focus on my strengths to fully develop. This is an excerpt from the chapter where Maxwell talks about her experience with which I identified: "Like many inexperienced leaders, tried to do many things to discover what really could do well. In addition, expectations that others had about what I could do and how to serve as a leader, not always corresponded with my stronger areas.

My responsibilities and duties sometimes required to undertake tasks for which I had no talent and skill. As a result, often my efforts were ineffective, "" Discover Your Area Strong and Stay there. One finds his purpose through your area to find strong and stay there. You can not grow to their full potential if one continuously works out of Fort Area " My recommendation today is to begin the search for you Fort Area (if you have not yet found), and you develop the best approaches. How do you discover? Analyzes and ask yourself what do I like to do? What am I doing right? What is it that others praise me?, Then examine your competition and try to differentiate yourself from them and see that the more you work on your strong area enjoy greater success.


Panel Solar Photovoltaic

May 3rd, 2013
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This component, load regulator electronic device, also known as charge controller. What is its function? Protect the battery from overload of power or otherwise excessive downloads (over-discharging), what makes longer lasting life of this appliance and therefore the solar panel. Even prevents fire and explosion regulates energy with normal charging cycles especially in more than acid batteries gel batteries. Where we find them? Charging regulators found in our daily life, and can be found separately or incorporated in appliances in our daily lives within cell phones or a laptop Chargers powered by solar energy. In addition to protecting potential overload, these voltage regulators prevent deep cycle batteries suffer from excessive discharge. This makes it through an automatic cutting current that comes from batteries. They exist drivers that emit audible alarms and/or flashing lights most interesting signals.

How do they work? To deep cycle batteries reach peak load, the regulator will gradually disconnecting the passage of energy from the solar cells. Current regulators introduce microcontrollers for the proper management of a photovoltaic system. Once reached the full charge of the battery voltage value, controller injects a small current to keep it at full load, i.e. the current of flotation injected. This current is therefore responsible for maintain the battery at full charge and not being consumed energy is used to compensate for self-discharge of batteries. The disconnection of the consumption output by low battery voltage indicates a situation of discharge of the battery close to 70% of its rated capacity.

If the battery voltage drops below the control of consumption disconnection voltage value during more than one set time, is Disconnects the consumption. This is to prevent a timely short-term overload clear consumption. Available on the market in the market you can find a variety of models, classified by the current controlling (8, 10, 20, 30 A) and charge for 12/24V 16A to regulators. Another aspect of modern control units is the MPPT or maximum power of the traction point. This means that the controller determines the optimal working point of the PV curve. Operating voltage gives greater efficiency? A controller uses an advanced control algorithm that imposes new standards in solar recharging technology. The State-of-charge algorithm takes the battery temperature, voltage and discharge rate to determine the true state of efficiency of the battery. This pattern of sofware allows the driver to know the degree of sulphation of the battery. Some other features: autoflow for 12V or 24V systems automatic Equalization of batteries can be disabled when used bacteria gel or lead – acid type Matriculation protection against overheating and battery overvoltage, overcurrent of modules and overcurrent warning loads and low voltage LCD screen on models PR disconnect. Indicator light in three colors on Alpha, Gamma, Sigma and Omega models. Operating temperature: – 25 C to + 50 C Common size: 18.8 x 10.2 x 4.9 cm approx.

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