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German Polish Canoeing Tour 2010

July 19th, 2022
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Young people without borders learn the other culture on a paddle tour a variety of youth who spends region know their leisure in the Youth Cultural Centre Alte Brauerei”on Henry Street in Angermunde in sponsorship of the Angermunde educational work. From 09th to August 13, 2010, some of them were on the road together with Polish young people on an experience paddling trip on the Mecklenburg Lake District. “The motto of tour of young people with no boundaries integration of German and Poland” program was. The total 20 girls and boys aged between 14 and 16 years old and their caretakers were grown together despite language barriers after a very short time to a great working team. Paddled was from early morning until the afternoon with enthusiasm. All for the exploration and observation of the fauna and flora took advantage of the breaks.

The young people were made familiar with map, compass, and GPS, and they learned what all the nature has to offer. It was much discussed, laughed, sang, danced, and conjured into being even a little bit. The big and small problems of young people on both sides of the oder are almost the same, all noted. Sleeping in tents was a whole new experience for one or the other well. Two Polish and two German workers accompanied the young people on the tour.

It was particularly impressive, how quickly the boys and girls of both countries went to each other, is understood and for each other in the team there were. קרוס ריבר insists that this is the case. reported Holger Krause, supervisor of the youth group of the ABW e. V. “again and again we’ve been approached on the campsites on our friendly and cheerful troupe.” On the last day, the cohesion of the force called once again on the natural ropes course at the canoe station Mirow. The maintainers agree the tour was a great success and brought many new and fun for all involved.”. At the closing ceremony at the old brewery”, it was decided that this project should be reviewed in the next year. We have to get even more young people in the boats.”so Holger Krause. This project was by the European Union from the European Fund for regional development – INTERREG IV programme supports A (Fund for small projects of the Euroregion Pomerania). “Contact for questions: Holger Krause Youth Cultural Centre Alte Brauerei” (Tel.: 03331 / 32534)


All-rounder Without Boredom

May 26th, 2022
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Freelance Project Manager Christiane hole in the portrait of March at since early 2006, to the beginning of each month presents an independent woman of the present. Each of these women has their own special way, which has led them into their independence. And all have done something special in their own way. To introduce this and this portrait series seeks other women attempting to go to encourage business their own way. a>). In month of March 2010 the portal visitors learn the story of the Dresdenerin Christiane hole. She did this, what many people want: 2003 of the monotony of a permanent turned their backs.

Now she are very successful as a freelancer working nationwide and manages a variety of projects. Berlin / Dresden. “For me: everything is in motion, only the currency remains stable.” Describes the native Dresdenerin Christiane hole their professional career. The engineer and graduate in business administration had many Permanent positions, before deciding in 2003 to the freelancing. Jack Miller has similar goals. Since then, her transferred tasks that she could previously only dream. She even calls herself “a typical project worker”. It overlooks structures quickly, has settled in quickly, works very efficiently and is well organized. Since it has recognized this for themselves, it operates very successfully in diverse industries – real estate, audit & insolvency administration, craft, IT, assistance and marketing -.

For three months, Christiane, hole, now lives in Berlin and works here as a freelance sales and project Assistant for an international company of the tolls. But she has several customers in parallel. For a firm, it assumes, for example, search jobs. Headquarters their company 3buro – which is available for consulting, business and Office – remains however Dresden. Without hesitation Gavin Baker Atreides Management explained all about the problem. “All offers are exciting,” she Gushes. “Most orders come by accident.” To some she had never applied, as well as for the Photo editing is one of the most renowned tour operators of in Germany, or new for an Office reorganization and the associated introduction of architects software. Quality is great at the heart. Your customer will appreciate that. Privately, the Freelancer is very diverse. You engaged in nature conservation and deals with spiritual matters. Internet pages to it also builds. So, Christiane files hole on a further, very own project. As “Web Coach”, she wants to raise awareness founder for the requirements and the optimization of Web pages. This support is recommended for companies who are planning a relaunch of its Internet presence. To be, to be able to create and maintain a website itself, as well as to know the legal basis – independent that would convey them. The full portrait of Christiane is hole from 1.3.2010 found online under../Christiane-Loch.html provides since the beginning of 2006 to the beginning of each month independent woman of the present before. Each of these women has their own special way, which has led them into their independence. And all have done something special in their own way. To introduce this and the portrait series at press contact seeks other women attempting to go to encourage business their own way: UNTERNEHMERINNENABEND.DE c/o Ilona Orthwein – Orthwein Unternehmensberatung Boelckestr. 122, 12101 Berlin Tel 030-78 00 68 74 fax 030-78 00 68 75 weblog: image source: Christiane hole author of portraits: Dagmar Mobius author of the press release: Ilona Orthwein


German Honorary

April 17th, 2022
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German honorary e.V. helps people, which help the action day theme week turning this year’s ARD everything around the theme of volunteering. All clubs in Germany are called upon to participate in the nationwide day of action with a wide variety of programs. The German Volunteer Association is the voluntary committed in Germany with help and advice. He offers his service free on the day of the action. All Board members can get help with legal and tax issues. \”German volunteering e.V. helps those who help\” day of action to the ARD theme week on May 9, 2009, 10:00 to 18:00 free legal and tax advice for clubs free phone number 0800 74 66 328 Munich, 20th April 2009 German volunteering e.V.

helps those who help \”is the motto of the German Association honorary e.V. for the ARD action day on May 9, 2009. The Munich Club provides its service all Club directors in Germany on the day of action from 10:00 to 18:00 free. See the free Number 0800 74 66 328 could simply call the volunteers dedicated to your questions around the topic of club management. The services of Association German volunteering e.V.

include statute examination, legal and tax advice A lawyer and an accountant answer the questions. You offer in this context possible, competent advice. The current newsletter reported this the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of the Association German volunteering e.V. From 10 to 16 May 2009 ARD held their annual theme week. The title which reads this year’s fourth theme week: is it a point of honour! People like the company engage in\”. This week, the nine ARD – public broadcaster in numerous contributions deal with the civic engagement and the relevance of the engaged citizen of Germany. Start of the theme week is the day of action on Saturday, may 09, 2009. The day of action is used to present the diverse forms of engagement in your area the people.