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Federal Licensing Center

December 23rd, 2012
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ISO 9000 certificate to replace the licensing of particular relevance is introduction of quality management system before the upcoming abolition of licensing of construction activity. iso 9000 certification is a prerequisite for the beginning of the relationship between customer and performer. Today while the Russian State Duma passed a bill to extend licensing to 01.01.2009 deferment cancellation of licensing related to the finalization of the bill to move from licensing to self-regulation (SRO) in building, whose main task will be monitoring the release of products and services required quality. Due to the fact that the companies – participants self-regulatory organizations will be borne by the mutual, including financial responsibility, their accreditation in the sro will be on multiple criteria. According to the program manager of accreditation and certification of the Association of Russian Builders M.

Burlakova, one of the main Requirements for joining the sro will be the presence of the builders of the certificate of conformity of quality management system iso 9000 (ISO 9001-2001). iso 9000 certification – the success of the Company! Introduction of the Company and smc obtaining iso 9000 certificate – a great PR-cause and an additional opportunity to loudly not only about themselves, but also to report on the radical changes the organizational structure, streamlining processes, improving the work personnel and improving the quality of its products. Competently filed information regarding certification iso, will definitely foster a positive public reputation in the professional community. Enumerate the main competitive advantages that arise from the Company to obtain iso 9000 certificate: – iso 9000 means the absence of inspections by the authorities of the Federal Licensing Center (in accordance with Federal Law 80 of 07.02.2005 "On the Introduction of changes in the Federal Law "On licensing of certain activities").