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Taconic Acquired Xenogen Biosciences Subsidiary Of Caliper Life Sciences

January 21st, 2013

HUDSON, New York (Marketwire December 14, 2009) Taconic, one of the world leading providers of laboratory rodents, announced the recent acquisition of Xenogen Biosciences Corporation, a subsidiary of integral property of Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CALP). Xenogen Biosciences is a provider of in vivo drug discovery services, including addressing in vivo and evaluation of compound and the design, production and phenotype of genetically modified animal models. The acquisition closed on December 11. The acquisition allows Taconic expand their capabilities of generation, production and phenotype of model genetically modified through access to new models and the addition of a production in the U.S. site. In accordance with a separate distribution agreement, Taconic also criopreservara, re-sell it and distribute transgenic animal (LPTA (R) models) light production of Caliper, an exclusive line of models that use bioluminescent technology to improve research in oncological, inflammatory, metabolic and endocrine diseases and drug toxicology studies. Imaging studies that these models use lead in a nursery accredited by AAALAC in Cranbury, New Jersey, part of an installation of 50,000 square feet under the agreement.

Taconic also acquires the complete line of services in vivo of Xenogen Biosciences solutions, including genetic addressing, determination of EffiPRO (TM) compounds, phenotype SPCT (TM) profile and the ability to perform optical imaging studies using imaging technology in real-time under a license from Caliper. The acquisition of Xenogen Biociences by Taconic significantly improves its ability to offer advanced and highly cost-effective solutions for drug discovery. The addition of the complete platform of phenotype of Xenogen Biosciences, which includes more than 60 confirmed pharmaceutically and standardized tests within several therapeutic areas, will allow Taconic to provide to its customers the most complete characterization and generation of models of mice available custom solutions. Taconic long time recognizes the value of genetically modified mice and rats models bring to the process of drug discovery.

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