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Sun Energy

September 25th, 2012

When one listens to the words work or energy, what comes to him to the mind? The majority of people would answer that to rake the patio it is work, although you are using energy in both activities. The energy is what allows that everything happens. You live in the energy ocean. He needs energy to guide an automobile, to throw a ball or to play a game. Until sleeping you are needed the energy. But What exactly is the energy? The energy is the ability to do a work.

The energy comes in different forms: heat, light, mechanics, electrical, chemical and nuclear. All these forms of energies are stored of different ways in the resources from energies that we used daily. These resources can be divided in two great groups: renewable and nonrenewable energy. The renewable energy is a resource that can be used time and time again. These resources can be stuffed in a short time. There are five resources of renewable energy that are used habitually. These include hidrofuerza (water), to pave, wind, geothermal and biomsa. All the resources, excepting to the geothermal energy, come from the Sun.

The resource of the not-renewable energy is one that we used entirely. This cannot be recreated in a short period of time. It does thousands of years, the heat of the Earth center, along with the pressure of stones and ground in the leftovers of plants and dead animal (fossil) formed fossil fuels such as the oil, natural gas and coal. If it wishes to know more on partial unloadings it enters in original Author and source of the article


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