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Stretch Ceilings

February 13th, 2014

A huge desire to carry out repairs in the house, but unsure where to begin. After all, today is a huge difference of building materials, the release process is progressing as well as technology. For finishing the ceiling can advise different types of ceiling structures. Now describe how to install suspended ceilings, in order to be durable and modern. Ceilings. Stretch ceiling structures are domestic and imported manufacturer, quality a top priority.

Considered reliable French tension ceilings, their release is a great experience, and there is a guarantee of 10 years. Domestic ceiling system, as many seem to be more adapted to our walls, but not always so. The advantage of the French stretch ceiling is mounting on a baguette and film width of 2200 mm, which is important in the broad wall, where the seam should not be noticeable. Characteristics of stretch ceilings. Were previously not everyone can afford the prices were expensive. Now stretch ceilings can order each.

Price installing Now – 600 rubles. Main advantage is environmental, so set in hospitals and care institutions. Stretch fireproof ceiling, do not burn, and elegance, which can set, you can only wish for. Why not dream of starry sky in the apartment? Color. Stretch ceilings can be of various kinds: art, matte, glossy and printing. Most dorogostoyuschimi are artistic stretch ceilings, because as the desired pattern is then applied a professional artist. With photo printing, the technology is much easier on the finished pvc fabric glued ready photoprint. If you decide to order stretch ceilings, the mandatory check the quality of services on its recommendations. Because they can be durable, but not professionally installed systems ceiling may sag or give divergence seam.


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