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Sports Technology

January 17th, 2014

For many, the process of selecting the keywords of the site is little more than write words on a list. As an excess of technology could come to build a list on a spreadsheet. But, the keyword generating machine is still some online tools, and personal insight to select us to “look” more appropriate. And “look” is the keyword here. The dominant criterion for the selection of keywords is predominantly the relationship between word and search volume. But there is a lot more material to be cut in this matter.

An alternative, often neglected are the “long tail keywords, or phrases instead of keywords. The property of key phrases is that, in general, concentrate low levels of search. The fate of the sites using key phrases is mixed. For some they represent only a tiny percentage of conversions, while for other sites, conversion of key phrases reach more than 80%. This shows that search volume is not always representative of the success that a keyword will have on our site. Here are some tools that enable us to bring our keyword analysis to another level. User surveys. Just ask them how to look for products and services you offer, by what means come to the places they frequent.

To accomplish this, you can simply leave the question raised in several forums, and wait to see the comments. Define your keywords in groups of categories. See it rather from the point of view of industry rather than from the perspective of your own site. “Customers are looking for by brand, by model, using phrases instead of individual keywords, look what language such as” social media “or” social networking “- etc. Once you have a list of keywords, go to clump together in groups of belonging. Imagine that you are engaged in the sale of sports equipment and accessories for the practice of physical activities. A group of keywords may be “Fitness equipment, and within the same find” treadmills “,” dumbbells “,” weight “,” bikes.


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