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April 1st, 2016

Solar funds of SolEs 23 has understood the spirit of the times and focuses on solar energy systems. Read the article here! Voigt & Collegen has issued since 2007 in the area of solar funds with the SolEs of 1-22 in total more than EUR 300 million in solar parks in southern Europe. More than 30 solar systems with a performance of good 61 MW now from SolEs solar fund purchased and connected to the public electricity grid with profit. The acquired solar farms produce more than 100 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) clean power this year sufficient for all households in a community the size of Wurzburg. Voigt Collegen of one of the leading issuers in Germany is an implementation volume since 2006 in the field of photovoltaics to sum up about 600 million euros. The SolEs 23 solar Fund has the following edge data: autonomous income assessment for the solar Fund of SolEs 23 legitimately agreed remuneration for solar Fund of SolEs 23 good twenty years. The closed-end funds of SolEs 23 has more than adequate income security through energy feed in laws.

The SolEs 23 solar Fund has to the strongest growth photovoltaic market in Europe. 10 Years intended duration for the solar Fund of SolEs SolEs 23 23 demonstrated what is possible for the solar Fund of SolEs 23 is situated not far from the small Italian town of Montalto di Castro. 2 x the 100 km north of Rome, in the history in the Centre of the public was. For the first time the early 1980s, when aimed at the construction of a nuclear power plant and afterwards again in 1989, as shortly before its completion a referendum decided the end of Italy out of nuclear energy. Currently, the factory is used as a traditional power plant. Until now, Italy has no nuclear reactor.

Since late 2010, Europe’s biggest Photovoltaikkraftwerk now WINS green energy from the Sun, supplied by Montalto from including in the city of Rome. SolEs 23 is responsible for the environment climate change is on everyone’s lips. The debate, as the carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced, belongs now to our daily topics. There are original ideas, the fundamental and create this impressive modifications. As a result, the States of the European Community with their respective energy – one dining put protected the investment in renewable energy. Through this development dynamics of the market a whole new asset class with specific properties has arise from photovoltaics, can reasonably be associated with the traditional investment opportunities. The expiration time of the emission SolEs 23 will be charged until the end of 2021. For those interested, there exists a possibility of termination to the 31.12.2031 for the first time. The total investment volume of solar funds of SolEs 23 is approximately 50 million euro, of which about EUR 17.5 million equity.

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