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Solar Energy: A Competitive Advantage

July 29th, 2012

SOLAR ENERGY: A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Knows that at the current moment of the world, the companies need to be prepared well for one high degree of competitiveness in the market. These companies need to be inserted in the search for innovations and thus to generate competitive advantages in its productive process, so that they can generate economic value, and consequentemente, its marketing viability. This means that, the companies needs the differentiation in the market permanently, by means of deliberated strategies, aiming at the attainment of competitive advantages that provide monopoly profits, that exactly temporary. On the other hand, at the same time where if it looks for to get one high level of competitiveness, queexiste is understood the necessity on the part of the companies conserving the existing natural resources, for a otimizao of these in the future, therefore already it is not possible to count on as much offers of natural resources to take care of to this immense demand, given the productive level that the humanity reached in this finishes century. The inflation of the prices of gasoline, of the oil for heating I domesticate, and of excessively the derivatives of oil it came to be. moreover, the demanding demand already does not tolerate companies who produce energy burning, coal, oil and natural gas. In Brazil one of the biggest problems faced for the economy it is the use in errnea way them available natural resources, mainly when if it deals with electric energy, therefore it is from that if it all gets the remaining portion with respect to production of goods and services for the companies, then, the energy when placed in errnea way in such a way economically, therefore it generates one heavy responsibility on the economy of the country and the companies, as well as as for the environment, through great necessary floodings for the construction of a plant hydroelectric plant.


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