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Social Network Use

November 30th, 2015

With the social networks in Internet, the superficiality in our relations she is still more accusing. Facebook, to twitter, tuenti or myspace, to mention some, are a greater relevance every in the form in which we communicated. Evidently, this must to that they offer certain advantages. The communication is fast. He is as much general for a group as particular for an individual, which makes more flexible than the email. He is global and it is updated constantly. It is varied in his objectives and resources, since equal it is used to find old woman friendly as to speak of interests communes, to inquire or to learn, all this of pleasant form with photos, drawings and videos.

In addition, he is public and brief. And here indeed it is where we found the root of the problem. When we were accustomed to the constant and immediate communication, we left of a side the authentic communication, that makes us create bows, know others in its essence and share what there is in our heart or what is important in our life. I do not imagine to anybody in facebook giving details on its health, its life sentimental or sexual, the problems of the adolescent children or the fact that one is considering to become lifting. It could almost read it to anyone, and it is not question to air what it is not necessary. I either do not see argued opinions and that they give base to a good dialogue. Brief commentaries that position to a side or another one of any controversy enough, and are worth.

In principle, he is not that it seems to me bad or that sees no problem in the short contacts, superficial and frequent. just as in other aspects of the life, in the variety it is the taste, and it is well using the resources to our reach. What it draws attention and it worries to me is that these replace one more a more authentic communication. It is like in the gastronomy. There is nothing no bad in pricking something between hours, but the table traditional meals, antel, spoon forget and family in favor of fast food in the car or seeing tele, the progress becomes backward movement. In order to avoid it, nothing better than not to forget to us to leave with the friends, and if they are far, to continue using the telephone and the correspondence. To the aim and to the end, which does not change with the technological advances is our necessity of real contact.


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