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Sliding Curtains

February 11th, 2011

Sliding curtains can be made in almost any style, it is perhaps the most democratic form of curtains, leaving the maximum space for creativity. Often sliding curtains drawn lambrequins. Shadow drapes sliding curtains can be picked up or picked up by free, they also can carry only a decorative function. Fabric for sliding curtains can be quite different, the choice is limited only by style in which they were conceived. Mounting options for sliding curtains are different, it all depends on the specific model. Recently become increasingly popular attachment to the duct tape. In this case, a transparent inner tulle and dense shadow drapes sliding curtain hooks are attached to the eaves and move freely on it and pelmet hung on the masking tape pasted onto the ledge. This method has several advantages over traditional hanging on hooks: hanging lambrequin takes minimum time, fixed it evenly, and clearance between the eaves and lambrequins absent.

Those who decided to choose the sliding curtains to mount on lambrequin masking tape, just not lose if they use the ceiling cornice. This option allows the hanging of sliding curtains to create the illusion that blinds starting right from the ceiling – it's visually increase the height room. In addition, you can use even the most inexpensive cornice – it still will not be visible. Sliding curtains can also be fastened onto the ledge 'tube', but one should take into account the number of layers that have to move on eaves. As a rule, 'pipe' is used, if you have sliding curtains without lambrequin. Recently become popular use of electric curtain rails for sliding curtains. The management of such curtains can carried out either by remote or button mounted on the wall. Although this type of curtain, of course, has several advantages over conventional, now quite rare due to its high cost


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