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SHEDLIN Infrastructure

May 27th, 2016

Since last year, the Nurnberger SHEDLIN capital AG offers a very interesting Fund at Nuremberg, 14.03.2013. Against the background of the discussion on renewable energy in Europe, he remained somewhat unconsidered. This is a real gem”in this segment. Because the production of electricity from hydropower is among sources of renewable energies in Europe the most important and has accordingly accordingly great opportunities. That SHEDLIN it has looked in neighboring Turkey, hangs not only with the good network together, which has the Nuremberg issuer, but also with the appropriate opportunities. Shall encourage Turkey, which wants to make its growing economic success of electricity imports independent, with a commitment in the amount of 7.3 cents per kWh which is actual market price, however, already at more than 13 cents per kWh.

The conservative calculation of the Fund is however based on the guaranteed commitment of, at first glance, the upside potential is clear, as high is. The SHEDLIN infrastructure 2 European hydro power income, in 10,000 euros plus five percent agio investors can participate and which has a placement volume of 16 million euro, although not a short runner has a term of nine years and annual dividends of 8%, for he offers the prospect of an additional earnings potential. As a partner Hidro Kontrol won, which is now listed under the name wiki ENERJI on the stock exchange. One of the partners is the former agricultural and Minister of Interior Prof. Korkut ozal, the brother of the former Prime Minister of Turkey, Turgut ozal. ODAS ENERJI is one of the leading companies in this segment in Turkey, who have entered with 15 percent private capital in the Fund project.

All required approvals have been obtained, construction work is already done and the investment costs are contractually fixed for the Fund subscribers. There is thus no doubt that the innovative Emissionshaus SHEDLIN capital AG this is once again a trend and that necessary international contacts to use knew to generate an interesting investment product. Water is one of the markets of the future now. SHEDLIN has the nose far ahead here. For more information, SHEDLIN capital AG

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