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Self Little

January 3rd, 2013

Pon already, hands to the work, begins the great change to improve the self-esteem and to recover your Self-confidence, follows these 5 basic and valuable advice that I give to you with the confidence you will apply that it in your day to day, they will serve since you in several aspects as your life. They are the following: 1. Concete and listens to your thoughts, this is the base to improve your self-esteem and to begin to recover your Self-confidence. I do a question to you You could trust that you do not know? It is logical that you do not trust that you do not know, is why I recommend to you that you learn yourself to know thus you will be able to develop to confidence and security in same you. Ten a notebook at the hand and writes what you like and what you do not like of you, also points your limitations and pon answer you could make of it to improve. 2. It changes your phrases or negative thoughts to positives, ten in account that if your internal dialogue is negative is that what you will reflect. Negatividad, insecurity, little confidence.

This will maintain to the people moved away of you, is possible that it harms your relation of pair, your use, your studies. Ponte to think, to whom it likes to be with which always it sees him all the negative side, that is critical with itself and the others, that shows insecurity. 3. You do a list of the things that you must do, if a schedule for each thing is possible Progrmate and tries to fulfill it to 80% at least. It begins little by little to ponerte to the day with the things that there are been delaying by different reasons.

4. Inform your better weapon, learns and capactate more than they teach to you or in the work, in the studies. To especially know more on some subject it will make you feel more trusting, comfortable and safe when you must give to some explanation or opinion. 5. You do a balance than it has been your day, enfcate in the positive actions that you have done during the day, although are minimum. For example: If you have begun to smile a little more, or have arrived minutes before at the work or have helped some companion in something, felictate for this reason, because you are changing little by little and that a good step. I know more amiable with same you. These 5 basic advice will help you to improve the self-esteem and therefore he will increase your Self-confidence, you will feel much more safe before any situation, will be more adapted your answers and you will be able expresarte with facility and tranquillity. That if what I recommend to you that You take Action from already, so that you begin to improve your quality of life and the confidence in same you. I know perseverante and ten will force to follow with these advice and you will see that little by little habit will be made develop each point to you.


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