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Santo Mauro

May 5th, 2013

An ideal place for lovers of Sun, luxury, glamour, elegance. In this spectacular garden you can enjoy a drink or a delicious dish in an environment with style and personality. This spring in AC Santo Mauro there are two protagonists: you and an atmosphere of gala. For you and only for you – we have created a very original letter of unique flavors: spiral of fresh foie-grass the fitte and Quince with liquorice bread, prawns from Palamos roasted in salt crust, orecciette of Parmesan cheese with Tarragon and Sea Urchin, pigeon Araiz roasted in two cooking with brioche of blueberries Carlos Posadas, chef of the restaurant of the hotel library -It has created a special seasonal menu so you eat spring. The cocktail does not leave you indifferent. The letter from the terrace of the hotel AC Santo Amuro offers you the most refreshing mergers snow, royal mojito cocktail, mulatto fifteen, wybocosmo, “salty” exquisite, gin and tonic 24, tom 24, royal Mumm, malta sour, robb livet, mint daiquiri gimlet maximum quality at the service of innovation and creativity of our master guys. Happiness knows gold 24 kilates, cherries in suspension, perfume of citrus, lemon, red vermouth, salt crusta air try it, you’ll like.

Ambient music will also help you to feel better than ever. The rhythms chill-out that sound background are fused with flavors cocktails in a perfect pairing couture to achieve tranquility and peace. The Suite Bar is a concept of lounge that amazes for its ability to integrate classic and the revolutionary, as accessible and as aspirational, tradition and fashion. Hotel Cup returns to be more fashionable than ever. And if you’re of that moonlit cocktails with friends after work or before a crazy night AC Santo Mauro is your meeting point.

You can also chop the best and most sophisticated snacks in the hotel. Luxury already has name and surname, AC Santo Mauro. ONE SALON to do history other major premieres of the hotel for this spring is the Embassy lounge. The magical moment that you have dreamed of all couples, is already possible to celebrate in the new lounge of the hotel AC Santo Mauro. This ancient Palace was the residence of the Duke of Santo Mauro and retains all the charm of the French luxury and style. Without losing certain post-modern touch which makes it an excellent framework to tell you Yes, I want to start a new life. Carlos Posadas, will the grand finale to an unforgettable day with their dishes. Its always tasty, crisp, elegant, kitchen with modern technique and classical references surprises even the most discerning palates. The best raw materials in the service of the highest conception of gastronomy. If you celebrate your wedding in the hotel AC Santo Mauro, will be remembered not only the dress of the bride. More AC with a portfolio of 115 hotels in Spain, Italy and Portugal, AC Hotels remains loyal to its firm commitment to offer a unique combination of modern luxury and comfort, with which follow ilusionando every day to their customers. All this coupled with impeccable service, a clear commitment to technology and a desire for constant renewal, that have made the chain a reference of urban tourism.


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