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Raul Martin Presa

September 4th, 2013

I hope that Aguirre Esperanza us provide a help because we are going wrong, said Sandoval. Aguirre said that he was aware of the difficulties that were happening in the vallecano club. We know that you have spent a season of great difficulties. From the community of Madrid we will do everything possible to make you turn to celebrate to the Puerta del Sol, commented the President of the community of Madrid. Exchange of gifts the joint vallecano thanked the institutional homage with the delivery of two new t-shirts signed by players both Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon and Esperanza Aguirre.

In turn, both the female and male set were presented with commemorative plates. Two players have signed the manifesto of the outraged other anecdotes of the day came when two players in the squad took advantage of the visit to sign the manifesto of the camping in the puerta del Sol, as reported in the social network Twitter communication Commission. Since the Commission’s communication of the camp have ensured that all of the template wanted sign, but which have failed since they were in an official act. They have not stopped to sign players from the beam. Two of them, however, have done. They have not stopped them to sign because they were in an official act, advised the Commission that it did not provide the name of the two signatories. The players charged the monthly payment for may on the other hand, club sources have confirmed that the players of the first template rayista have gained a monthly payment of their payroll, the corresponding to the month of may, which is subtracted from the amount which the club owes them, yet a high percentage of their salaries. Ray must be up to date on payments before 30 June, deadline imposed by the League, and from address still promising that to this day all the delays will be borne. The club already has various demands and could not meet payments, cannot be enrolled in first division, rising won on the field of play, since there would be the administrative descent. In this regard, Raul Martin Presa, new shareholder of the club, said today in the team celebrations for promotion to first division, which is working to get the necessary funds, and on June 30 the payments to the first template, Quarry, feminine and club staff will be carried out.

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