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February 19th, 2014

Within the specialty of Psychology all the therapeutic modalities help, because within the therapeutic process what it is obtained it is that the person fortifies those aspects of her personality, of his psiquis that has taken to him to succumb before an addiction and for that reason insofar as the same advances more in its life, it moves away more of everything what it is necessary to develop in the life to live a total life in all the senses; that is to say, the addict one moves away of the social thing, tying of it affective, the members of its own family, does not know neither can fulfill its roll, or in its family of origin like son, brother, etc. As in the own one as much in its roll of esposo/a as in the father roll it lets be able to occupy that place and soon happens to be not only one appears to which it is not possible to be resorted, whom cannot be had, but can exert a meaning roll, a figure to follow, to imitate either; quite the opposite is somebody to that despises, in who cannot be trusted, with who is not wanted to be; for that reason it is that the alcoholic one ends up more and more frequenting to pairs that are within the same addiction, frequenting bars and moving away of its relative trying about that in their work and the bars pass the hours of their life, being the taking of his psiquis and its body from the addiction, because the alcohol not only destroys psiquis, and the social thing of the individual, but also it does from the organic thing killing the neurons that they constitute the brain, gray matter and also intoxicating its body, arriving in not few cases to suffer of dementia, or cirrhosis and reaching of that way a safe death. . .


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