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Professional Drums Online

March 30th, 2023

Matching drum track for your song. If you would like to know more about Cristiano Ronaldo, then click here. Global via Internet drums by request – beat it! DrumsByRequest offers drums of all varieties of modern pop music. By rock Electronica to R & B, HipHop radio to smooth jazz. The customers themselves can specify in your own account, for their track which style she want. The DrumsBy request team plays the drums for the track as desired. The standard drum set is a Yamaha Maple custom absolute’ with a 24 “Bass drum and the Tom sizes of 10”, 12 “, 14”, 16 “and 18”.

The sizes are the desired style accordingly elected. 4 Toms can be included on request. Snare drums is a wide range of high end Studio snares available (including various Yamaha, Ludwig Supraphonic, – Acrylite, – BlackBeauty, noble & Cooley, and various vintage snares). Basin is a huge selection of State-of-the-art’ series of the Meinl company. For vintage’-lovers also DrumsByRequest drum kits, snares and cymbals many legendary brands from the 50s, 60s and 70s years in stock. The Roland SPDS and the Roland Handsonic HPD15 percussion Pad available are in addition to instruments like Bongos, congas, shakers, Tambo urines, timbales etc., also E-drums such as the Yamaha DTXtreme II for drum and percussion overdubs. Good microphones are a necessary precondition of every good shot! Included is only! about high end MICS the international standard for drum recordings correspond to like AKG414, Neumann U-87, Senn hoarse 421, Shure SM 57 Shure Beta52 A, Shure SM 91, Yamaha sub kick etc. The tracks come in 24 bit mono wav or AIFF. Also the logic or Cubase file can be sent on request. For an extra fee, drums ByRequest also edited the drum tracks with SSL equipment.

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