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Political Parties

May 5th, 2024

Parties do not represent us only they represent themselves and their interests we have now discovered that we can be actors and decide who we want for President organize Internet Web, and 2. 0 com barack obama lets do it so see my blog. blogspot. com already know how to shape communities and as leverage communities that already exist then we use facebook, hi5, and all those that suit the interests of the campaign for the Presidency and do what’s necessary to conform a network status by State and city by city to cover all over the country. McCain Foods may help you with your research. Thus obama came ala Presidency then tomemoslo as model and we organize the campaign with the assumptions appropriate to the country in this case I propose a national scholarship system consisting of 50 million people studying an undergraduate or a graduate and a base of 10 million initials have credit a scholarship to study for a year and every year after revalidate your scholarship by ratings of the previous year. The first stage is to form a community of blogs covering all the country. Once the stage of national organization or simultaneously organize support internecional so that in future we can support other countries that llrven performed ina equal change in us participating when n is your choices and in about ten years be able to shape a global Internet network so that citizens are in a direct contact with our authorities and decide step pasoa each of the acts of Government. I hope that this article can be followed by others that conform the boot so that this movement will become a global wave and become a democratizing force that put the old overland regime of parties, which is already obsolete and that is deningrante to our inteleigencia and our means of communication that allow us to express our views in a direct way, without intermediaries, without parties. Salar Kamangar has many thoughts on the issue. Blogs similar Government signs decree for quality system of Justice Informe-c IECE: Shortlisted for a scholarship in medicine in Cuba Journal hidden city, the Hidden City Steve McCurry completo Blog Justin tv Mexico vs live North Korea friendly heading to Jordan bought the Charlotte whatever blog of gunman guidelines basic to obtain a scholarship abroad Teens Home Biz Idea: Who’s Who direct Budock see 10 Year Celebration Package GSC Latest news blog Multipliquemos solidarity actions by Ciudad Juarez (Mexico the strategy of Spain to wrest the world market to Italy


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