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Planning Review

February 13th, 2014

It is necessary to ensure positive engagement, which makes use of the re-engineering production processes. And in all those functions necessary for proper operation. John Farrell wrote in Planning Review, the companies most likely to succeed in reengineering have in common the following characteristics: They operate constantly changing environments of customers, competitors and products, and services. They have a culture and management structure in which all are committed to increasing levels of performance Have balanced perspective between long-term gains and short-term results. Visualize your business processes and organizational structures as catalysts for successful performance, They can develop and implement major changes very quickly in their organizations, technologies and systems.

To this we may add others, such as: They keep their staff motivated and fan the flame of belonging to the organization Rise initiative and innovation, creativity in people, achieving greater integration into working groups You get a better organizational climate, improved organizational behavior It starts a true organizational development. Warren Bennis and Michael Mische warn us (1996), the reengineering process should converge a wide range of interests, needs, abilities and departments in business units effective, interoperable and integrated. Hence, it is not surprising that with such a powerful process, approximately 70-80% of all enforcement efforts of reengineering failures "end in failure in the sense that the efforts do not generate the expected results or the experience is negative. Consider, the authors note indicated that the 20 to 30% of companies triumphant in the implementation of reengineering, have acquired a unique position of sustained progress.


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