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Pedagogical Material

February 21st, 2014

Production of pedagogical material from the uses of the TIC By means of the technological innovations that we are living deeply, the variety and the speed of these innovations. We must reflect our form to face the technologies as allied in the relation school x pupil. It is through the technological tools, that will be developed great part of the construction of the knowledge that we intend that our pupils reach. Through an interactive space, in which they can carry through, exchange to know, that they can be potencializadas by means of abilities that they aim at to guarantee the formation of an operating citizen in the society. We know that the new technologies, supply more efficient resources to take care of and to motivate the involved ones in the teach-learning process.

However, for many educators, these resources still are presented as inadequate or even though far from the lived reality, even so if it recognizes that its use in the process is if becoming each more excellent time. It is through the pertaining to school space that we must stimulate process of colaborativa construction in which the use of the technologies provides this exchange of knowledge of interactive form, and more productive. We know that we must resignificar the knowledge, that until then was only acquired by means of papers, that is, books that deal with specific subjects. Nowadays we can count on computers that in them bring the necessary information in a short space of time, the exchange of information that also must be taken in account, we really make use of a colaborativo space for construction of the knowledge. These technological tools potencializam and arise, the knowledge of the pupil, making with that these citizens if become critical and reflective more in relation, what them they are proportionate. The school became a privileged space of convivncia and interaction between the pupils, with this knows that so that the school can in fact be a differential in the effective participation of the pupils in the construction of its knowledge, they become necessary the permanent one in such a way curricular update ahead of the changes in the ways to produce the knowledge, how much one constant effort for the formation of the professors in the manuscript of the technologies.


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