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Paper Bags

March 11th, 2012

Coming to the big grocery store – not the clients rarely gets a choice: what kind of wrapper or package is best for shopping – a plastic bag or plastic bag or paper? What is the reason the choice the average buyer? Usually several factors and moments act on this choice: price, Individual (flavor) preferences, thoughtless selection or choice, the board of a friend or a friend, zeal and commitment acquire a 'white' packages that cause the most damage and less damage to the environment. Typically, customers shop never thought for a long time or not at all thinking about the choice of packaging, and buy the first thing that caught. As a rule, not many are aware, as well as material from which manufacturers produce paper bags and LDPE bags. As should be the name and the names, paper bags are made from the pulp or create a timber that Special equipment supplies cut trees for recycling at the plant. You need to pay attention to the fact that the delivery srubanyh trees requires seals and gaskets travel path that leads the to punching (and forced 'expulsion') of many plants and animals that are in the area or locality. As a result, in the depths of his or the 'heart of the forest' is formed a huge scar, broken natural habitat of flora and fauna.

Then take more than 100 years to restore the forest in the form as it was prior to the felling of trees. Further processing of wood, wood contributes to the ejection of harmful human poisons, toxins, poisons the atmosphere and water bodies, seas, lakes, rivers and oceans of the world, in this connection – called paper bags 'eco-friendly packaging' is impossible. Moreover, even the most famous, cutting-edge environmental Technology – do not provide an effective and a good, reliable and robust protection of the environment today. Packages are made of LDPE and some oil products from oil. It is clear that – extraction of petroleum and its processing is bad for reduce the harmful effects of their use – does not interfere with focus on the production of reusable packaging or wrapper, the new efficient technologies, the formation of special items for destruction in the former packages, just anxious and master's treatment of nature.

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