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Pallet Truck In The Warehouse

February 11th, 2011

Storage, transportation of goods – the basic functions of storage space. For the normal performance of these functions requires the use of special equipment. In the case of loading and unloading of goods – it stackers and loaders various types. In the case of transportation – pallet trucks, platform trucks and carts of other types. The most commonly used type of truck – pallet truck. Its popularity it has received thanks to the maneuverability, ease of management, reliability.

Structural pallet truck is a truck with lifting forks, lifting mechanism which supports the hydraulic unit. Management carried by the handle. Maneuverability of the hydraulic truck, various versions have also served the wide dissemination of this type of trucks. Standard features of hydraulic carve – fork length 1.15 m, capacity 2.5 ton, height Lifting no more than 20 cm in non-standard models of pallet trucks, these parameters are varied, thereby increasing the maneuverability of the carriage of a specialized type of cargo. These types of trolleys can be manufactured to order.

In addition, if necessary Hydraulic truck can be equipped with additional devices: scales, cash register. It is necessary to facilitate the work of the operators Warehouses and stores workers. During operation of hydraulic truck must pay attention to her daily workload. After all, if too intense work pallet truck may be premature fail. To avoid breakage of the need for regular inspection and use the technique of prescription-only, namely to carry goods.


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