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Pain And Energy

March 9th, 2016

While it studied to this type of personality, I included/understood the difficult thing that its own identification is to them to these people. I could analyze its process and the effect that produces in them, with the consequent forms, in you rule of the behavior. My reaction always was carries far, did not get to understand these mechanisms and a mental disorder, took to me to distort the ideas, that they were accumulated in my subconscious mind whipping to me without compassion. Sometimes I thought to be ill of such consequence, had to study and to intuit, to be able to extract only the positive part of all action, that at a certain time, can develop these people, with respect to the mood and therefore the anomalies, that turn aside to them of the present reality, as a result of the own negation, before the real image and idealizado I. The declared narcissism, in phase of previous development, denotes a tendency towards the lack of understanding, by defect. The phenomenon developed in power, it degenerates against itself and in favor of the image that settles down. The conduct of the narcisista, jumps before the anxiety and a lack of affectivity towards if and the other.

It breaks the barrier of the psychological balance and next a series of denied values takes place, to safeguard the I-idea, thus to be able to flee and not to see the reality, in which all human being is immersed. The love by the own image, releases the most conscious part of him, being generated a conflict, in the recognition of the I-real one. Phenomenon that paradoxicalally does forgets its situation, acquiring one more a more complex contexture, than it will limit to him, restraining and DES harnessing to the prefabricated idol. The image will mark the vital cycle, producing an effect by ricochet, to all rational idea, thus generating its own system of defense, that will do of the subject, takes place in him, by effect boomerang, a confirmation to itself of its ego, like main scene, relegating the spectator to second order. I am I, the center of attention and expansion. The mirror reflects my truth I must protect my means, for thus, to assure my identity.

From now on their levels of relation fall and all their energy flows, in search of the center of its I-image, which protects, to the detriment of its essential integrity, of the surroundings and its ancestors. Its suffering nonexpressed, is only caught by the individual able to analyze and to include/understand this behavior, under the love optics and understanding so fatal consequence. This analytical and as well objective measurement, aid to establish modules, but that judgments of values and try to rationalize, the social relation, of this personage towards itself and his surroundings. If we are able, of not weakening and lightly judging this mechanism of image, that takes place, between the reflected being as I base of, assimilating the codes or language in relation to its reality, not only we will be but near its pain, also we will be knowledgeable of its waste of force, before a consequence that was born accidentally, by defect in its evolution of you rule of the behavior and that later degenerated to a pathological and psychological state, of the being and its image. The statue of a fiction, that was reflected in the pool of its garden, fact to cry and wanted to die, to love itself too much.


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