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June 23rd, 2013

Click to have access here more the information on concepts of Ciberespao, Internet and Virtual.The origins of the word ' ' ciberespao' ' already they bring I obtain an idea of its meaning. Used frequent in the quarrels on new technologies, the term has been each used time more in the media. Much even so in the interest here ciberespao proportionate for the Internet, the abrangncia of this expression and its meaning goes very beyond this new media, therefore, as we will see to follow, it involves all infrastructure of the telemticas nets, as well as the information and until the human beings. The proper term appears before exactly of the advent of the Internet properly said. This term was created in 1984 for the North American writer Wiliam Gibson in its book of scientific fiction Neuromance and later used on a large scale for the creators and users of the digital nets. For Gibson, the term all assigns the set of computer network in which they circulate all type of information. Not physicist consisting is the space of digital nets. As it designates We read, this set of the digital nets, in the workmanship of Gibson, is town for the most different tribes.

&#039 is one; ' hallucination consensual' ' , new generating space of the postindustrial civilization where cibernautas goes to penetrate. For Lvi, ciberespao of Gibson became ' ' mobile geography of informao' ' , invisible, in something normally sensible and as resulted the term soon it was adopted by the desenvolvedores and users of the digital nets. But Lvi weaves its proper concept and starts to call ciberespao ' ' rede' '. The new space of proportionate communication for the world-wide interconnection of computers and the memories of the computers. Including there all the systems of electronic communication that transmit information deriving of digital sources or that they are destined to the digitalizao. Lvi insists on the aspect of the digital codification, therefore this would condition ' ' the plastic, fluid, calculvel character with precision treatable in real, hipertextual, interactive e, summarizing, virtual time of informao' ' (1999, P. 92).

This last one – virtual – to its to see, is the essential characteristic of ciberespao. In the introduction of the Cibercultura workmanship, the French philosopher clearly presents a concept brief and of ciberespao: … Is new the media that appears of the world-wide interconnection of the computers. The term not only specifies the material infrastructure of the digital communication, but also the oceanic universe of information that it shelters, as well as the human beings that sail and feed this universe (LVI, 1999. P. 17). As it affirms Lvi, ciberespao is ' ' the new media that appears of the world-wide interconnection of computadores' '. From this, it would be possible to identify the Internet as being this new half to conclude that they are the same thing. However, also for Lvi (1999, P. 32), a basic difference exists to be considered. ' ' The digital technologies they had appeared, then, as the infrastructure of ciberespao, new space of communication, sociability, organization and transaction, but also new market of information and conhecimento.' ' Thus, the Internet can be seen as part of these digital technologies, or as the infrastructure of communication that sustentao ciberespao, on which if they mount diverse environments, as the Web, fruns, chats, and the e-mail, to be only with the spread examples most common and. In short, ciberespao is the environment and Internet one of the infrastructures.


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