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New Taipei City APEC Wins Recognition

April 1st, 2016

“Green urban renewal project in new Taipei City of the ‘Asia Pacific economic cooperation’ (APEC) Forum recognized a green urban-renewal project in new Taipei City was recently launched by the Asia Pacific economic cooperation” recognized (APEC) Forum and Taiwan’s commitment for a sustainable development. The Yingge”culture city in new Taipei City has in the competition of energy smart communities initiative best practices Awards” (ESCI), which APEC Energy Working Group meeting of 18 November in Viet Nam was held at the 2013, silver in the category of individual contributions won. The Yingge project involves eight action plans, such as resource exploitation, the re-engineering of public services and the industrial transformation. The transformation of Yingge Ceramics Museum, one of the top tourist attractions the town, towards a low-carbon Museum presented a major challenge. With the installation of solar panels and other energy-controlling and saving device controls, the Museum in the location was last year one million visitors to accommodate and to reduce its annual electricity consumption by 5 to 10 percent. Other measures are the development of new materials for the ceramic production using reservoir mud, environment-friendly transport by use of electric vehicles and the recycling of waste heat from the ceramic factories, to heat the showers of the nearby swimming pool. According to APEC, the award is an important component of the ESCI knowledge sharing, which was organized by the Taiwan Institute of economic research and the Institute for urban research of the University of Pennsylvania, with the support of the ROC Council for economic planning and development.


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