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New Domain

March 24th, 2012

There are currently serves more than 600,000 domains. Apart from the fact that it's free provides DNS, it also offers some useful services. Here are some of them: WebForward, MailForward etc. Details described below. Limitations: One akkuant – no more than five domains. And so, the whole theory behind them. The first thing you need to go to ZoneEdit.Com. Hooray, here's the long-awaited website.

For registration go here "Free Sign Up". We are waiting, there is a registration form, which fill in all fields. The drop-down menu choose item – "Free Trial – up to 5 zones" and click on the button "Sign Up Now". All registration is completed, wait email passwords. The letter usually comes in a couple of seconds.

After we successfully got the passwords go back to our favorite ZoneEdit.Com. At the bottom of the page click on the link "Secure Login" and enter received before the Login and Password. In order to add zone under our domain firmly press "Add Zones". In the dialog box marked Enter Domain Name: your domain is entered and then click on the button "Add Zones". On the next page write down the ns1 and ns2 with IP addresses. They you need to make changes to the database RIPN. You can make these changes yourself online RIPN, or to ask about a domain registrar, but do not forget to wait for a few days, so the server ZoneEdit updated. In principle, this action is sufficient so that parked domain to the DNS servers ZoneEdit.Com. If you want a fully working DNS, you need to specify the IP address of the site (requires dedicated IP). To do this, click on the link "Edit Zone" (editing the zone) on the page that appears, select item "IP Addressses". Next in the "Name" are leading, but in the "Numeric IP" IP address of the site, click on the button "Add New IP Address". After clicking confirm the IP address. Everything. Now a bit of other helpful services. 1.WebForward-This service allows you to redirect. This service is useful if the site is on free hosting and a "curve" type of domain. Another plus of this service is that after setting it on some free hosting advertising disappears. In to use this service is necessary in the administration panel select "WebForward", on the page that appears under the words New Domain, enter, but under the Destination domain name to redirect to be executed. Memorable tick. If there is a the need to prescribe Title – title, Keywords – Keywords, Description – description and slap on the button "Add New". 2.MailForward – allows you to redirect from any of your mailboxes. Moreover, this free service set up automatically redirect to go to the email provided during registration. Everything else will find on their website. Good luck.


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