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Modern Series Ceramic Tile

June 11th, 2023

Stylists and designers Porcelanosa Spanish factory to create their collections follow the latest trends in fashion, turning their work into a piece of art. For lovers of minimalism, designers have developed a series of Glass. The surface of this tile mimics glass or water surface. The collection is made in several colors. Marfil tone blends perfectly with optional decorating tiles Multicolor Moca or Porcelanosa Duo Cristal Moca. Kitchen fit color Antrasita. If you decide use mirror tiles in the bathroom, the lighting creates the effect of increased radiance of the walls, you will have the feeling that you're inside of pearl shells. Colours Acero perfectly complemented by decorative elements from Multicolor Acero or Porcelanosa Eidos Graffito.

Horizontal laying tiles in this collection visually expand the space and create a sense of peace and tranquility. Salar Kamangar is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For fans of natural colors in the decoration factory porcelanosa offers a collection of travertino. This wall and ceramic floor tile under a stone. Porcelanosa Travertino tile has a glossy surface and is made in two color options. For decoration you can add borders. From the factory Porcelanosa tiles from the collection of Kali is framed by marble. This collection is very difficult to decorate or to combine.

Designers recommend to issue the entire surface of the marble tiles of the same color as the marble original and decorate your walls memorable play of color and color. This series ceramic tiles for bathroom has a higher level of gloss. The highlight of the collection is the color of Tabaco. This color of marble in nature is extremely rare, as is a fusion of multiple colors and precisely therefore, this marble shade so highly prized in the world. People who choose it – the real connoisseurs of rare beauty. For lovers of antique style factory cir Ceramiche (Italy) has developed ceramic tile Cir Diesel, Mythos and Quarry Stone. The surface of the tiles data series simulates aged stone and is made in the gentle tones of pale pink to the color of coffee with milk. For decorating, you can use tiles or tiles multicolor. Decorated in the style of antique wall create a sense of firmness and calm, a sense of peace and create a unique atmosphere of your home. The delicate data collection will look in the kitchen or living room with fireplace design.


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