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February 19th, 2016

It’s simple, as we have heard it many times: the money is in the list of subscribers. To use email marketing successfully to achieve effective results in the business, the construction of a genuine list, quality is paramount. We all know that one way to encourage visitors to subscribe is to give something for free: can be an ebook, audio, video of a report or report. But how we managed to build a genuine, high quality list? He here are some strategies to achieve this: 1) adds a form on each of your pages. Add a subscription form to every page of your web site ensures that no matter which is the first page that the user visits in the first place, you will learn about your valuable ezine and your special offer. (2) Get advertising on other sites. One of the best places to invest in advertising is in email, email marketing newsletters, electronic publications of other entrepreneurs and businesses aimed at the same market niche.

Let’s this point most people are already subscriptions to electronic publication or electronic bulletin and the likelihood that it will subscribe to another that offers something of the subject you are interested is quite high. On the other hand, the cost of advertising in an electronic publication is quite low. You can try different calls to action in your banner, you should just make sure the person you got undertakes to run your ad several times and the follow-up of their links. (3) It promotes your site in the signature of your emails. At the end of your signature of e-mail, after all your contact information, detailing your product with a mini announcement of a line, and if you have a special offer or gift, that people know about it! Something like if you liked what you read, share it with your friends so they 4 can read it also) announces your electronic publication on social networks. Be sure to send a summary of your new product as promotional marketing way to announce your electronic publication to your clients, networks of companies and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Technorati, all who are accustomed to using and you know your niche uses.

You can also send an invitation to join your list and continue to receive your electronic publication. In addition, if you belong to any organization or professional association, see if you can place an advertisement in your newsletter or publication of the industry. (5) It sends a (media press release) press release. If you are offering something new, you must use all the resources that exist and the press release is one of the oldest in marketing. In addition, you can optimize the press releases with the right key words and key phrases: are very powerful tools for optimization in search engines and visibility online for you, your electronic publication, and your business. No1 journalists use resources online to search for press releases that are relevant to their stories. Bloggers flock to sites of distribution of press releases to see what content is popular and to get ideas for new articles on their blogs. Why is a very important resource: you should use press releases with links to your web site, products and services to increase your ranking in search engines. I hope these points will help to make your list more valuable and genuine and to learn more about how to optimize your electronic newsletters with our formula extreme, I invite you to download the newsletters Minicourse.


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