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Milton Saints Energy

February 27th, 2016

We know that the man participates of the nature since its sprouting in the Land and he always needed the food, the water and the shelter that is of basic importance for its survival. Second, Milton Saints. This generalized natural way was used for the man without great transformations. The techniques and the work if married the gifts of the nature, with which if they related without another mediation.

(SAINTS, 2009.p. 235) Thus, in all the historical stages of the humanity made use of the nature, first for its proper sustenance and later to produce excesses, especially after the Industrial Revolution. In fact, the natural resources that if find in the planet are of vital value for its half of consumption economic and ambient partner as: the ground, the water, the oxygen, deriving energy of the Sun, the forests, the animals, amongst others. also understanding, that the natural resources can be recomposto after extracted by the antrpicas activities, through the replacement that occur from time to time with the great diversities of natural resources you renewed as: the aeolian energy (winds), the solar energy (solar radiation), waves of the sea, hidroeletricidade, biomass and geothermal energy. Allowing in this way, the replacement of the resources used to advantage in the place, enabling to be made by the man or of course, the proper environment. On the other hand, we know that the natural resources not-you renewed are those that after finish intense exploration carried through for the activities it man, demanding much time to be rehabilitated. understanding that all natural resources must and can be governed in a sustainable way in the objective to guarantee its replacement and regeneration in the environment, exactly in circumstances of intense exploration of these resources, always will have risks to occur a decurrent impoverishment of an ecological disequilibrium.


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