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Messe Husum & Congress

June 3rd, 2016

Messe Husum & Congress is looking for scientists and creative for entertaining lecture competition anyone who wants to present an exciting topic around renewable energy sources in the framework of the international trade fair for renewable energy new energy Husum in March 2013, can apply now at Messe Husum & Congress. Who wants to participate must be not necessarily wear a doctorate or professor. Anyone can join in and present an even researched scientific issue”, explains project manager Thomas Seifried. At the new energy Slam, aim to inspire the audience and to explain a complex topic entertaining and easy to understand. The success depends on not only by the content, but also, how is the speaker in scene”, says Thomas Seifried. For any props are allowed. The speaking time is limited to ten minutes.

“The application period ends on 22 February 2013 we offer with the new energy slam a platform for a creative approach to renewable energy”, explains Peter Becker,. Managing Director of Messe Husum & Congress. The new energy slam takes place for the second time in 2013. After the success and the positive feedback in 2012 we wanted to repeat the event in any case.” Solar system to win the seat at the new energy slam is free for visitors. The winner is chosen by the audience, awarded for each presentation between zero and ten points.

In addition to applause and recognition, the winner will receive a prize, with which he can produce some of the energy it needs. The small solar system miniJoule”valued at over 500 euros consists of a solar panel, a power inverter, the substructure and mounting accessories. She can be installed anywhere, where the sun shines no matter whether in the garden, in the garage or the roof. The supplied gauge monitors the function and measure the return on investment. Successful concept competition concept originates from the United States, where poets and thinkers at the poetry slam present their art audience. The idea for the science Slam, where such the new energy Slam, in place of poets, scientists, young entrepreneurs or students with creative and innovative concepts compete, comes from the House of science in Braunschweig. More information: see de/kongress/events/science_slam.html about the new energy Husum has become in recent years the new energy Husum is established as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range in detail from small wind (30 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (Pellet, wood logs and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic, electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP. From 21 to 24 March 2013 back experts and leading manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum meet to pave the way for necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market.


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