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Mailing Lists

March 28th, 2016

In the next step is to determine ways to impact on the audience. The Internet gives a lot of ways. Among them are the following: advertising on thematic and general information sites, banner ads, e-mail marketing, promotion on search engines and directories, link exchanges, ratings. Most users of the network involve search engines and directories as search for information on the Internet, so this type of Internet resources is one of the most visited online. And the placement of links in directory is one of the most effective ways to promote your site.

Another way raise your site's ranking in search engines – this is link exchange. For all the search engines one of the main criteria is the number of links on the site. The principle is this: you place a link to a user-friendly site (as generally similar topics) and return to your site and put a link. Text link often works much better than the banner. Also, in addition to free ways to move, there are many paid the most common is a contextual advertising – Offering Internet – advertising, which corresponds to the advertisement content of the web – the page where it is located and which user is visiting.

You ask specific keywords and phrases, and your ad will appear on the search page only when the search request includes the data you have selected keywords. Thus, the advantage of contextual advertising is that it attracts the desired target audience. There is a paid link exchanges, if a site that offers links, is well known and has many visitors. Placing your link on this site most cases, provides an increase in citation index site and attract new users. Mailing Lists (spam) previously also were one of the most effective ways to promote products and services, but in recent time such emails are ignored and do not bring the desired effect. And in some cases, advertised sites recorded in the "black list" and as a result do not appear in search engines, directories and rankings. Thus, website promotion is a long-term and ongoing process whose success depends on the professionalism of the optimizer. Only with the involvement of these professionals can achieve visible success in promoting the site.

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