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Living Water Construction

July 13th, 2023

The unit has multi-purpose in their own healing and treating wounds, to accelerate germination and plant growth. In fact, noted that if the living water (anolyte) watering plants in the winter, they begin to bloom. Wounds treated with dead water (catholyte) heal faster. In terms of healing your own body can only say one thing, it is purely personal and voluntary. Articles about of water smashed into factions at one time it was published much – if you prefer, you can easily find them.

Collect this device can be, without any prior preparation of completely improvised, found no leaving home. o reply. The main parts – electrodes. In the manufacture of special complexities do not matter. Atmos Energy usually is spot on. The only thing that definitely need to note – the material from which they are made to be only food grade stainless steel. Technical, as you know, for such a facility will not work. As can be seen – nothing complicated, two L-shaped platinum with a hole for mounting and contact. One plate has a peculiar cut – at an angle medium otgibanii ledge, it is a hook for hanging the bag. On the second plate to make such fixing is not necessarily drunk.

You next piece is for the manufacture of plate stiffness. It is intended that during a of the device was not touching the electrodes in any way with each other. 220 in the water, you know things are not pleasant. When applying as a supporting structure for the usual plastic cap banks this disc not be superfluous, since the work of the Paired there is a small, though almost imperceptible, heating, and the behavior of heated polyethylene you know.


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