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Key Considerations

June 2nd, 2017

This is a blog in three parts. You can read parts 1 and 2 here: what are Las considerations fundamental in the design of a solution of trade electronic? Part 1 What are the key considerations in the design of an e-commerce solution? Part 2 part 3: Processes and CRM 5. How should current and future processes be to handle business on the internet? The development process of an organization e-commerce solution offers an opportunity to evaluate processes and procedures throughout the company. Before you customize and implement a global e-commerce platform, all relevant processes have to be analyzed. Wherever possible and be justified, is recommended that processes be redesigned or improved in order to reduce inefficiencies and bottlenecks. The main objective is to introduce those processes that allow the technological incorporation in order to develop a new sales channel. 6. How to build Web page the platform for CRM? As with any CRM integration project, the main objective is to add information of the customer and its record of purchases to create a pool of knowledge that will be used for sales, process analysis and to optimize customer service and improve your level of satisfaction.

CRM software is integrated completely with the front-end (site web), the backend of the system of e-commerce, phones and e-mail. Given that integration would be at the level of data instead of the design, the following information can be removed from the platform: contact details of customers: (names, addresses, email address, date of birth, personal preferences, etc.) order information: date of order, product, price, type, identification and location of the point of sale, etc. Records of customer interaction: sent newsletters, response rates, subscriptions to newsletters, index of reply, etc.


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