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Infantile Journalism

May 22nd, 2016

This process is known that will suffer changes due to use from these miditicos instruments, with the use of Softwares Free in Radios WEB, generating a new vision in the education, the communication and the technology, therefore the use of these ways will provide new pedagogical looks in the education. Being thus, the necessary professor, together with the school and community, to interact in the pertaining to school process so that he can discover new processes of education through the communication and technologies, being constructed new strategies to be developed in the school during the execution of activities in classroom, therefore the appropriation of the knowledge, does not tend to happen exactly of spontaneous form using the technological ways, being necessary the work of orientation and intervention it professor. to the same conclusion. The use of Softwares Free represents in the school a principle of contribution, freedom and of development of new pedagogical strategies and citizens, we carssimos to the school, to the educators and the community, making possible the development of new pedagogical practical ideas and. References ARRUDA, Ana. Article ‘ ‘ Periodical for Children or Infantile Journalism?


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