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Impression One

February 18th, 2014

The HP disputes with Canon the pioneirismo of this technology (thermal head). head of thermal impression is formed by full chambers of ink, each one of these chambers contains in its interior a called electrical resistance ' ' ativador' ' . When an electric chain is applied to the activator it is heated until the highest temperature for a fraction of thousandth of second, the ink enters in boiling and banishes one gotcula for the nipple. When the temperature if reduces, the formed vacuum sucks ink of the reservoir (cartridge), fulling again the chamber. This process is so fast that in as they are you banish five a thousand gotculas approximately, a head of Lexmark impression of last generation is capable to produce gotculas of only three picolitros, that is, in one centimeter cubical three hundred million gotculas exist. Each nipple has about eight micra (one millimeter divided for eight million) and the chambers measure this approximately. Interest in producing drops does not exist lesser, because they would not be visible by rough estimate naked.

The thermal head is in the proper container of ink (cartridge), they are created with tools laser that perforate one chip that they have, beyond the chambers, activators and nipples, a logical circuit that it sends the electric pulses to the activators with precision. The Impression The launching of gotculas on the paper in the accurate amount, forms very small points that, agreed form the image printed. The impression in black color is produced by a cartridge with an only head, while the impression in colors is made by a cartridge contends the three secondary colors: cyan, magenta and yellow mixed conveniently. In the measure where the sheet of paper, through tractive mechanism, slides in low of the printer head, the same one if dislocates in constant movement of a side for the other, covering thus all the extension of the sheet of paper. All system is controlled for a logical plate, that in turn it receives the commands proceeding from the computer. Most of the current printers is fed by a external source that to provide the necessary tensions stops the logical plate and the engines that set in motion the mechanism. Until the next one. It visits our site: Lodging of Sites


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